Contact Information
Willowbrook Cottage, Church Road, Bacton, IP14 4LW
Telephone: 07588 734168

Twitter page: @BactonParish

Council Staff

Parish Clerk: Suzanne Lupin
Parish Warden:  Dave Green
Councillors agree to work under the Council Code of Conduct and are guided by the Good Councillor Guides produced by NALC:
The Good Councillors Guide 
The Good Councillors Guide to Finance and Transparency
Meetings are held in the village hall, usually on the third Monday in the month and the full schedule can be found here.  Public participation is encouraged at meetings and a period of time is set aside at each meeting specifically for that purpose.
All information is available on the Babergh Mid Suffolk District Council website here.
Information on what is a material consideration has been provided by the Planning Portal and the government provides guidance on determining planning applications.

Key Documents for Councillors

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return and details on the Inspection of Accounts can be found on the Annual Finance page here.

Governance Documents

The Council’s Standing Orders can be found here

The Council’s Financial Regulations can be found here

Council operations are conducted within policy set by Council.  The extensive policy list can be accessed here

A Councillor checklist for General Data Protection Awareness will soon be available in order to assist Councillors to understand the basic requirement on them.


The recommended websites for Councillor information are:

National Association of Local Councils (log in required for some parts – please contact the Clerk)

Suffolk Association of Local Councils (log in required for some parts – please contact the clerk)

Also of interest might be the paper from the House of Commons Library 

Legal Topic Notes from NALC

The legal topic notes provide extensive guidance and those relevant to Bacton Council will be  downloaded to a Legal Topics page for councillor information soon.